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6 Jul

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Promoting with the Baltimore Charm LFL Football League With my Natural Healthy Hair

9 Jun

Promoting with the Baltimore Charm LFL Football League With my Natural Healthy Hair

NEVER be afraid to be yourself and Rock Out!!

This is the first time I have actually been brave enough to walk out with my hair like this besides being in school or around friends that know me. But it is the greatest feeling. Despite the fact that i continue to purchase and wear weaves since i am doing tons of modeling events that require for the long length of hair. I have not been as comfortable to walk out like this; so rocking my natural hair out is a huge accomplishment for me.

Check more pictures out!!







My Awesome Healthy Natural Hair!!

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Breakfast for Champions

9 Jun

Breakfast for Champions

Just had my first meal of the Day a small bowl of oatmeal with Cranberry Raisins and a banana. Great healthy first meal!


Want A BETTER BUTT?? The 30 Day Squat Challenge can surely fix that!!

4 Jun

Want A BETTER BUTT?? The 30 Day Squat Challenge can surely fix that!!



Many women go through changes and challenges in life that cause them to do crazy things such as receiving butt injection surgery implants. I have heard such crazy stories and I do not understand why women don’t just do things naturally. You where brought into the world natural so stay that way. Here you can see a 30 Day Squat Challenge that gives you a set amount of squats to do each day until you reach 30 Days. Remember it takes 12 weeks to ultimately see good results (thats 3 months ladies) but this 30 Day Challenge could be a start. I also added several other squat routines that can be done so your not stabilized on just one specific workout. Just add these to your other daily workouts and you should be on your way to a Better Booty in no time.Checkout the 365 Daily Exercise Routine Tab above and the link is below.

but challenge


Every day Encouragement quotes

4 Jun

every day encouragement quotes

Time has gone by so quickly it is now 2014 not January but June 2014

This post is an encouragement post from the late Maya Angelou.

Stay strong, dedicated and undefeated your goals shall come to pass.

Checkout the 365 Day Quote Tab above and Link is below


Where has time flown by? June 2014 and on a new mind set and goal!!

4 Jun

Where has time flown by? June 2014 and on a new mind set and goal!!

In the midst of preparing for the next football game with the Baltimore Charm and handling my last few weeks here in Boston. Work and preparing for a competition with the Miss Earth Pageant and a photo-shoot in 3 weeks. I definitely need a good schedule to keep my workouts, eating plans and my energy up in tact. I am using Erin Stern’s Elite Body 4 Week Transformation trainer that can be found on; which has a full 4 week plan of consecutive workouts that train every inch of muscle in your body that can be used for the beginner or intermediate individual. I took a week off of training to set my self together and give my body rest from the back to back weekly training that I was so drained and exhausted from. I even got sick within those 6 days due to food poisoning. But I am back again and READY TO GO!!
The 21st and 28th of June are definitely on my mind as the Baltimore Charm will be playing against both the Omaha Heart Team and the Atlanta Steam you may receive more information on tickets for both games in the link below or you may also email me at I also have my mind on the Miss Earth Pageant that will be set in the heart of angels Los Angeles California on July 12-15th, 2014.

This month is FOCUS TIME!!

Check out Erin Sterns Body 4 Week Trainer Below

And to recieve more information on the Baltimore Charm Games

Checkout my LFL page:

Checkout the Baltimore Charm on the Legends Football League Website:


Stuffing my face like a pig!!

18 Apr

Stuffing my face like a pig!!

obviously I didn’t stuff my face but I did have the coolest home made meal with my roomie! Bacon covered pancakes it is definitely worth it after all my hard work of exercising!!

Add that with a cup of Almond milk

oh its delicious! and yes you can cheat!

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